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VaYeitzei (Genesis 28:10)  

I am HaShem, your G-d  

One of the unexpected results of our move into technology-assisted communication is loneliness. Research shows a correlation between the two. Apparently, we have a need for the human touch, something technology can’t do yet, if ever.    

Loneliness is depressing and can drive people to violence as well as other negative behavior. 

So it's surprising that when, in this week's Parsha, Yaacov is left alone (Levado in Hebrew), the Midrash compares him to G-d. Just like G-d is alone, so too at that moment, Yaacov achieved that state. 

What does the Midrash see as positive, even G-dly, about being alone? 

My Rosh Yeshiva explained that it is referring to the state of being unaffected. Yaacov, at that moment, was clear about who he was and his mission that nothing was able to move him otherwise. No matter what the influences were around him, even in a crowd, Yaacov was clearly alone. Just like G-d, his focus and commitment were total and unchanging.     

How does someone reach such a level of clarity and strength of character? 

One thing it definitely requires is making time to be alone in order to think and feel through the most essential questions of who we are and what is our mission. 

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