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Learning and living with our Core Values promotes healthier and happier individuals, families, communities and a better world.

You are probably familiar with the Ten Commandments as the most basic rules of morality. Project Aseret will show you how each one contains profound values which relate to the entirety of life. We are revealing the power of the Aseret HaDibrot by understanding them in a broad and all-encompassing way.

The Ten Commandments, in Hebrew the Aseret HaDibrot, is both the anchor and the compass of the Jewish People.  The most significant text ever written, heard directly from God by the entire Jewish people and hewn into stone tablets, they carry the simple and profound answers to who we are, what we stand for, and our mission.


CORE VALUES - the foundational principles, beliefs, and standards of behavior which guide our decisions and behavior, regardless of the challenges we face.

We understand The TEN COMMANDMENTS as Core Values when we approach each DIBER on Two Levels.


The simple understanding of the commandment as a Core Value is an anchor. It grounds us with a clear standard of behavior.  


The underlying meaning of the commandment is a compass. It points us in the direction we should go and reveals the values we truly want to live by.


Our goal is to share a realistic and applicable understanding of the Ten Commandments as Core Values.






Mentally and emotionally engages your student.

Defines and explains key concepts and terms.

Develops a deeper and broader understanding of major concepts and themes.

Assess and evaluate your knowledge, understanding, and application.

Introduces the conceptual realm of the class.


Nitzan Bergman is a Master Educator, bringing over two decades of teaching experience to Aseret and his leadership of Aseret Global.  Rabbi Bergman holds a degree in economics from the University of Manchester and was ordained a Rabbi at the Heichal HaTorah B’Tzion Yeshiva in Israel. Originally from Johannesberg, Bergman now lives in Baltimore with his wife and 3 children. His educational career has focused on building bridges between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish communities wherever he has lived, working with young adults, promoting Jewish values- and always making time for tennis.  

Rabbi Nitzan Bergman
Aseret Global Director


Shalom Schwartz grew up in Toronto and has had a decades long relationship with Israel.  In 1981, he became the founding Director of Aish Toronto. In 1991, Schwartz and his family made aliyah, where he organized and directed Aish's Russian Program. in the FSU and Israel. He then shifted his focus on leadership development and film making.. Schwartz is the founder and leader of Project Aseret. Rabbi Shalom and his wife Debbie live in Jerusalem and have 7 amazing children, 7 wonderful children in law and 15 delicious grandchildren.

Rabbi Shalom Schwartz


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