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Our Story......


Rabbi Shalom Schwartz, a Canadian born Israeli, had a dream - to do something to mend the tear in Israeli society between the religious and secular communities. 


Remarkably, in 2008 he devoted himself to this dream and started to travel far and wide through the land of Israel speaking to everyone from leaders to common folk. He wanted to know if his dream was shared by others and what ideas people had tried and if there were any worth trying. 

It certainly was shared by others, almost everyone was pained by the issue, the question was, how to heal it? 


One of the people that resonated deeply with Rav Shalom and his dream was Sharon Portugali. After one of their meetings, as they stood on a street corner in Tel Aviv and bidding farewell to each other, Sharon turned to Shalom and told him, “You don’t have to recreate the wheel. We have it already. It’s the Aseret HaDibrot (the Ten Commandments) ….and when you teach it, start from Ten and work down to One because the later ones are easier to relate to and when people see how much wisdom there is in each one, when you teach the one’s about God, even those people who don’t believe, will listen to you.”

Shalom knew, then and there, that this “Aha” moment was what he was looking for - The Aseret HaDibrot (the Ten Commandments) are the core values ​​of our Jewish-Israeli identity and that through them we can establish a better, more moral society that is connected to its roots.


And so the Aseret Movement or Project Aseret, as it was called, began. 

"The Ten Commandments are the Jewish People’s founding mandate, an expression of the covenant we entered into at Mount Sinai, when we embarked on a national mission with a God-given guide for fulfilling our destiny.
." Rabbi Shalom Schwartz


Heading 3


In 2018, Rabbi Nitzan Bergman, based in Baltimore, became the director of Aseret Global when Aseret expanded its vision and mission to spreading the message of Aseret to the Jews in the diaspora. The Global vision that one day, all Jews,  around the world, will live with the Ten Commandments as the core values and foundation principles of our covenantal mission. Our day-to-day mission is to grow the movement by introduce people to the Aseret concept and help them grow the movement in the  unique ways they can. 

Today Aseret is a global movement of Jews, of all types,  around the world learning and living with the deep and profound messages the Aseret have for day to day minute to minute living …… 


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