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Our diverse courses are intended for implementation in both formal and informal educational settings, taught by professional educators or trained facilitators, and fully branded for your school and community.

Aseret has presented us with a vision for a values curriculum that we earnestly sought, but that seemed so elusive - until Aseret! For United Herzlia Schools, Aseret ticks all the boxes, and we are excited to continue to collaborate with Rabbi Bergman as he guides us in taking full advantage of an international curriculum that speaks to the heart of Klal Yisrael - in the nuanced language of our own community school.

Rabbi Daniel Brett, Head of Jewish Studies, United Herzlia Schools, Capetown



For Grades 5-8. This curriculum is suited for Jewish day schools, community schools, and supplementary schools.  


For  Grades 9-12. This curriculum is suited for Jewish day schools, Yeshivot, prep schools, community and supplementary schools.  

Build a harmonious school community
Teach your students how to apply Judaism to every decision they make
Create menschen ready for their teenage years and their lives beyond school
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Perfect to augment Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparation and follow up.

Give your Bar/Bat Mitzvah child the core values of Judaism as the ultimate B'nei Mitzvah gift

Expand the B'nei Mitzvah journey to the whole family


Geared towards mothers and their daughters, promoting  the passing of values from one generation to the next. Great for B'not Mitzvah and Confirmation Class augmentation, Sisterhoods, Synagogue Groups and more.

Helps moms and daughters connect through learning

Applies core values to your daughter's most relevant issues

Builds strong, confident young women

My daughter and I have both been learning the Aseret program and it has been completely life changing for us both. My only regret is that this fantastic program was not around earlier. I have become so much more aware and considerate towards others. Thanking you for giving us this life altering program. Kim Berkman, Mother, The Professional Beit Midrash, Capetown



A lens to inform the lay and professional lives of adults, from university students to seasoned professionals. Great for University Programs, Young Professional Organizations, Synagogue Groups, Boards, and more.

Strengthen leadership and engagement within your community

Optimize your career through integrating core values as a tool for success

Learn to navigate life's dilemmas through this unique lens

Two Versions Available: Professional and Leadership Development

Rabbi Bergman's 10 Commandments of leadership is brilliant. Not only is it is such a new, novel, and powerful way to look at the 10 Commandments, it's also a fantastic set of Core Values for leadership.

Linda Hurwitz, Alumnus, Acharai Leadership Program, Baltimore

Clearly the theme has great appeal to a broad audience.  It has the advantage that almost everyone is familiar with it and for precisely that reason almost no one has really spent any time exploring the far reaching implications and relevance.

The project triggers thought provoking analysis of these basic core values ,show their stunning  relevance and create awareness that we all need to internalize these life lessons if we truly want to improve our lives and ourselves.

Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum, Mesorah DC, Washington, DC

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