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The ASERET Online Course


This ONLINE course allows you to learn about Judaism's Foundational Principles from anywhere in the world.   

If you miss a class, you can catch up by listening to the recording or reading the notes sent to your inbox.


 These are truly life-changing classes, I hear snippets in my mind daily! 

Ellen G. Baltimore Leadership Course 2018 


Make a FREE registration and we'll let you know when the next course is starting .............

The course is 12 interactive LIVE sessions with Rabbi Nitzan Bergman. Each class is 1 hour. The classes are typically held in the evening times EDT, every two weeks.   


Online using Zoom 

The cost for the course is $180 US.

Too much? Talk to us! Money will not prevent us from learning.

*Option* Group Courses - You have a group or would like to put one together and have your own course? Perfect! Just let us know in the registration and we'll make it happen.  


Thanks for submitting!

I am so grateful for the insights and wisdom I have taken from The Aseret Course. Loved taking it from the comfort of my home, while connected online to interesting fellow students in other cities and even other countries, at the same time. It has been marvelously thought provoking and enriching.

Every transaction throughout my day is affected by my awareness of these TEN, whether relating to my husband, my kids, my grandkids, and in fact with all other people as well. 

Reesa F, Dallas Spring Course 2018


Rabbi Bergman's Ten Commandment course is practical concise and profound.  As the key measure of World morality, there is no more important area to learn. I look forward to each week's class!

Marc Firestone,  Los Angeles, Summer Course 2018 

This course has changed my life. Not only do I have a deeper understanding of how The Ten Commandments act as a compass for how I navigate my life, my core values have been elevated such that they guide me on a daily basis to live my life in a way that is kinder and more gratifying. I feel different and I believe I act differently in my relationships and more casual encounters. 

I hope all my friends give themselves the gift of taking this course with R’ Bergman!

Barbara Solomon, Dallas Spring Course 2018

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