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Women's Aseret Values Education

Inspiring Jewish women to lead by living The Ten Commandments as personal core values and communicate this awareness in all relationships

Just for women- this interactive workshop stimulates discussion based around the core values and how they impact our day to day lives. Great for small learning groups, Sisterhoods, Synagogue Groups, Parent Programs, and more.

Growing tired of defining your Jewish self by how you look, what you eat and other people’s expectations?

When it comes to religious practice and your family asks “Why?” do you answer “Because!” 

This is trying to live from the outside – in.

Each of us receives a legacy of core values from our parents, grandparents and beyond that reveals to us a unique blueprint of ethical wisdom. Transmitted from G-d to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai over 3,300 years ago, The Ten Commandments – creating an anchor and compass for all mankind – guides us to experience greater meaning, freedom and kindness in life.

Your potential is G-d’s gift to you; what you do with it is your gift back to G-d. Transform what you know about being Jewish from the inside-out. Not only have because you received this legacy are you called upon to transmit it to others, but because your potential for influence and leadership is limitless.  

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