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The Iron Dome

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

I was invited by a good friend to the JNF annual breakfast this morning. The guest speaker, Ari Sacher, who is the primary engineer responsible for the creation of Israel’s Iron Dome, spoke about its amazing engineering accomplishment and efficacy.

What was the first Iron Dome in history?

It was Noah’s Ark the subject of this week’s Parsha.

The Torah describes its design in great detail. It was not a boat for travel, rather, an ark designed to withstand the tremendous amount of rain that fell and float on the rising waters. It worked perfectly.

In a moral and spiritual sense, what is the threat of our times and the corresponding “Iron Dome” needed for protection against it?

I think it’s the persuasive culture of living for physical and material gratification.

Money and pleasure are important, but they are not the goal. The goal of life is to elevate ourselves and make a positive impact in our world. To be sure, in order to do this, we need money and pleasure, but our focus is always transcendent.

The Iron Dome against this mistaken ideology is Torah study. The Torah’s energy repels it. It doesn’t matter which part you study, wherever you connect, you tap into this energy.

Maybe that’s why one of the questions we will be asked at the gates of heaven when we die is if we made fixed times for Torah study.

Please join the conversation.

Am I right? What is the moral threat of our times and what is the corresponding “Iron Dome” needed to combat it?

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