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The ASERET Daily Affirmation 

I affirm my commitment to living with the Foundational Principles of the Aseret HaDibrot, the Ten Commandments, as my Core Values  

#1  I am HaShem, your God 


I will strive to acknowledge HaShem as our God and emulate Him through acts of kindness.


#2 Do not have any other gods in My presence

HaShem, as the ultimate power and highest authority, is the source of my fulfillment. I will endeavor not to look for it anywhere else. 

 #3. Do not take the name of HaShem in vain


HaShem's name is sacred and I aim to always treat it and anything associated with it that way. This includes myself and others as we carry God's name. 

#4 Remember the Shabbat to sanctify it

I undertake to remember and keep Shabbat and honor it as a day for spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

#5 Honor your father and mother

I will take pains to ensure the well-being of my parents and honor their legacy and the legacy of Judaism which they have connected me to.  

#6 Do Not Murder


Every person is created in the image of G-d. I aspire to nurture my life and the life of others in all its dimensions: 

physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

#7 Do Not Commit Adultery


Loyalty is the foundation for all good relationships.

I choose to be loyal in all relationships.


#8 Do Not Steal 

People have a G-d given right to possess.

I will respect and take care of other's possessions


#9 Do Not Be A False Witness

Speech is our most powerful tool. I desire to use my speech effectively for positive consequence. 

#10 Do Not Covet


God has made us all individuals with unique circumstances.

I will constantly work on seeing my life as a gift.

Now recite the Shema and when you read the words, "הַדְּבָרִ֣ים הָאֵ֗לֶּה", "these statements" have in mind the Dibrot, commandments. 

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֵֽינוּ יְהֹוָה אֶחָד
Hear, Israel: the Lord (HaShem) is our God, the Lord (HaShem) is One

בָּרוּךְ שֵׁם כְּבוֹד מַלְכוּתוֹ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד
Blessed be the the name of His glorious kingdom forever.

וְאָ֣הַבְתָּ֔ אֵ֖ת יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֑יךָ בְּכָל־לְבָבְךָ֥ וּבְכָל־נַפְשְׁךָ֖ וּבְכָל־מְאֹדֶֽךָ
You shall love the Lord (HaShem) your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might

וְהָי֞וּ הַדְּבָרִ֣ים הָאֵ֗לֶּה אֲשֶׁ֨ר אָנֹכִ֧י מְצַוְּךָ֛ הַיּ֖וֹם עַל־לְבָבֶֽךָ
And these statements which I command you today shall be upon your heart

וְשִׁנַּנְתָּ֣ם לְבָנֶ֔יךָ וְדִבַּרְתָּ֖ בָּ֑ם בְּשִׁבְתְּךָ֤ בְּבֵיתֶ֙ךָ֙ וּבְלֶכְתְּךָ֣ בַדֶּ֔רֶךְ וּֽבְשָׁכְבְּךָ֖ וּבְקוּמֶֽךָ
Teach them to your children and speak about them when you stay at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you get up

וּקְשַׁרְתָּ֥ם לְא֖וֹת עַל־יָדֶ֑ךָ וְהָי֥וּ לְטֹטָפֹ֖ת בֵּ֥ין עֵינֶֽיךָ
Bind them as a sign on your hand and let them serve as a symbol on your forehead

וּכְתַבְתָּ֛ם עַל־מְזוּזֹ֥ת בֵּיתֶ֖ךָ וּבִשְׁעָרֶֽיךָ
And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and your gates

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