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The Aseret Movement aims to establish the Foundational Principles of the Ten Commandments (Aseret HaDibrot) as the basis of Jewish living for all Jews

....wherever you might be on your journey 

Aseret gives you the ability to live a meaningful Jewish life.  

Living with Aseret allows you to be more connected to God, lead a more meaningful life, have a deeper appreciation for Mitzvot, and enjoy better relationships.   

"Not only do I have a deeper understanding of how the Ten Commandments act as a compass for how I navigate my life, my Core Values have also been elevated such that they guide me on a daily basis to live my life in a way that is kinder and more gratifying."    Barbara S.  

Aseret members learn about the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) as Foundational Principles by:

  • Reading books and other materials ... see more here

  • Taking interactive Aseret classes and workshops ... see more here

  • Watching Videos ... coming soon  

  • Listening to Podcasts ... coming soon 

  • Leading Aseret informal study groups ... see more here

  • Teaching one the Aseret curricula ... see more here


Aseret members make a commitment to live with the foundational 

principles of the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) as Core Values ....

...regularly review  them and affirm their commitment to them  by making a daily affirmation order to put them into practice, day-to-day, minute-to-minute


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