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Imagine Jews all around the world, and especially in the land of Israel, regardless of affiliation, united around a common vision and mission … 


Imagine individuals' lives filled with meaning…


Imagine the national and personal benefit of Jews all around the world connecting to each other in a profound, yet simple way… 

Imagine the health and happiness of people living with clarity and purpose …

Welcome to the vision of The Aseret Movement    


Our Story: When we stop to think about the Jewish people. Who are we? What do we stand for? What is our purpose and mission? There are a lot of answers and lots of  confusion. 

The Aseret Movement is a worldwide movement devoted to uniting the Jewish people around a common vision and mission.


The Aseret Movement has identified a clear, simple, and incredibly profound set of foundational principles that have the power to do this. 

And, they are obvious and ubiquitous. All you need to do in order to see how is travel back in time, about 3,300 years to the birth of the Jewish people. Just fifty days after leaving Egypt, maybe the most remarkable event in history occurred - God entered into a covenant with the Jewish people - to be an exemplary nation living with God’s guidance and blessing.


Ultimately, through this covenant the world will be perfected.


This covenant is described in the Ten Commandments. They are the foundational principles of Judaism and the core values of the Jewish people. 

 The Mission of The Aseret Movement is to unite all Jews, regardless of affiliation, around the Ten Commandments as our core values and the basis for fulfilling our covenantal mission and purpose of being a holy and exemplary nation. 

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How Aseret Works:

The Ten Commandments contain the master key to unlocking personal, deeply meaningful and holy experiences, day-to-day, minute-to-minute. 
Because of its simplicity and universality Aseret is an easy entry point for any Jew looking for a simple, yet profound way of living a meaningful life guided by Jewish values. At the same time, it  contains all of Judaism. As such, it is a unifying force for the Jewish people, no matter our level of engagement or denomination.  



The Aseret Movement offers online and in-person courses

In the Aseret Foundations Course, in just 12 classes, participants gain a solid understanding about the the Ten Commandments (Aseret HaDibrot) as the foundational principles of Judaism and the core values of the Jewish People. Participants start to see the world through their lenses, experience the joy of continued learning, and start to lead a more meaningful life. 

In the Core Aseret Course, participants are provided with opportunities to significantly deepen their learning about the Ten Commandments , adopt them as personal and relatable core values, and integrate them into daily life.

As participants start to identify as Movement Members, they are empowered to internalize, personalize, and share their experience with others. They are also given opportunities to make unique contributions to the movement. 

The Aseret Movement also provides focused courses based on the Core Values of the Ten Commandments for Leadership groups, Mental Health, Marriage, Bringing up children with values, and Mother-Daughter courses.  

The Aseret Movement empowers teachers across the globe with curricula and teacher-training for formal and informal school and adult education 

Pre-school/early elementary

Introduces children through games, pictures, and role play, to the Ten Commandments as Core Values in a way that is accessible and relatable. 

Bnei Mitzvah and Middle School

Provides engaging strategies for values clarification by exploring Jewish identity with the contemporary world serving as a backdrop. 

High School

Full Course and Beit Midrash Course 

Students are challenged to think about the essence of Judaism in an honest, meaningful, and personal way of preparing them for life beyond school. 

Teen informal course 

Teens discover who they are and Jewish values through experiential and source text learning.  

Adult discussion-based   

Beautifully illustrated sourcebooks for a monthly/weekly learning program providing the framework for meaningful discussions and personal growth around the Core Values.

Women's Aseret Values Course 

Inspiring Jewish women to lead by living with the Ten Commandments as personal core values and communicating this awareness in all relationships.

The Aseret Movement members integrate the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) as Foundational Principles by:

  • Reading books and other materials ... 

  • Taking interactive Aseret classes and workshops ... see here

  • Watching Videos ... see here   

  • Listening to Podcasts ... see here 

  • Leading Aseret informal study groups ... see more here

  • Teaching one the Aseret curricula ... see more here


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